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6 Reasons to Give Your Kids Sugar Free Drinks

posted Jul 6, 2015, 12:50 PM by Drink Blocks   [ updated Jul 6, 2015, 12:51 PM ]

Excess sugar Depresses Immunity. 

Simple sugars, including glucose, table sugar, fructose, and honey caused a fifty- percent drop in the ability of white blood cells to engulf bacteria. The immune suppression was most noticeable two hours post-ingestion, but the effect was still evident five hours after ingestion. Water and some Sugar-Free drinks, on the other hand, have properties that benefit the human body’s immune system.


Sugar promotes Obesity.

Kids tend to eat and drink too much foods and beverages that are sweetened with refined sugar. Drinks with a high glycemic index stimulate the production of LPL (lipoprotein lipase), the enzymes that encourage the body to store food in fat cells.  


Sugar promotes Diabetes.  

While the risk of developing diabetes lies more in the genes than in the diet, the old grandmother’s tale that too much sugar causes Type 2 diabetes does have scientific support.  Your Liver and Pancreas have to work extra hard to handle the influx of sugar that sugar-filled drinks brings into your body.  Sugar-Free Drinks, such as water and some Naturally Flavored Water, helps to flush the body of toxins helps your liver, pancreas and kidneys to work more efficiently. 


Sugar promotes Heart Disease. 

When bears are storing up body fat for their long winter hibernation, they consume lots and lots of carbohydrates. When you eat excess carbohydrates, your body turns these sugars into fat.  People who eat too much sugar tend to have higher blood tryglycerides, and this increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Sugar is believed to Decreases Learning Performance.  

Between 1979 and 1983, 803 New York City public schools reduced the amount of sucrose (table sugar) and eliminated artificial colors, flavors and two preservatives from school lunches and breakfasts. This action promoted the consumption of water and other sugar-free drinks by kids. The diet policy changes were followed by a 15.7% increase in a national academic ranking (previously, the greatest improvement ever seen had been 1.7%).


Sugar causes Tooth Decay.  

With all the other life-threatening effects of sugar, we sometimes forget the most basic damage it does to your teeth. When it sits on your teeth, it creates decay more efficiently than any other food substances.